2021 :
On going study for a solar pannels extension for an additional area of 1500m²

2016 :
From electrical to thermal energy 

Argile du Velay keeps on reducing its carbon footprint, thanks to the purchase of new lifting and handling equipment. 21T of carbon emissions will be cut in 2016.

             Site classified ZNIEFF since 2016 : Natural Zone of Interest for Ecology, Fauna and Flora


2015 : New energy saving certifications

Argile du Velay was rewarded with new governmental certifications following energy renovation.


2013 : Improvement of our production tool and energy saving certification

Cleaner and energy-saving machines and technologies were set up. These improvements enabled Argile du Velay to be rewarded by governmental certification.


Carbon Footprint Measurement

Since 2012, our carbon footprint has been measured to quantify our impact on the environment. The results help us plan and implement new corrective measures to further reduce our environmental impact.

Water Management

Rainwater flows were modified in 2011, to improve the recovery and storage of rainwater. Now, 16,000 gallons of water are collected and stored for cleaning processes.

Solar Energy

Photovoltaic panels (1196 square yards) were installed on our newest building in 2010. These solar panels can produce electricity equaling the annual consumption of 50 French homes. This renewable energy is now used to run our production site, further reducing CO2 gas emissions by 9 metric tons per year.

Water Conservation

Water was removed from our clay transformation process in 2007, reducing CO2 gas emissions by 1,000 metric tons per year.

Fossil Fuel Use : A 30% decrease

Fossil fuel consumption was reduced by 30%. In 2007, we started changing the way we transform clay, allowing us to save fossil energy fuels.