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Argile du Velay - The French Green Clay manufacturer 

The French leader of the green clay manufacturing

In 40 years, our company became the French leader of clays’ extraction. We are actually selling our clays in more than 45 countries.

We are supplying a large range of French high purity clays, 100% natural and certified, used in the formulation of organic products and especially the Velay green clay, extracted at the feet of the Auvergne volcanoes, dried at the sun but not only…

Throughout our extensive experience, we are now selling our clays on different markets: cosmetics, thermalism, animal hygiene, pets’ food, horses’ wellbeing and the agriculture.  

Our strengths: clays with a high purity, an innovative and competitive manufacturing process, a quality monitoring from the extraction to the final delivery, scientifical further researches, a continuous products’ development and an active listening of customer’s requirements. Because clay is a natural product, we are committed to be corporate citizen of the world. The environment is indeed at the heart of our strategies of investment, production and distribution. 

We are also committed to give a hand to our partners by supplying them with cosmetics finished products thanks to the knowhow of our manufacturing laboratory the Laboratoire AVA.

Our clients’ satisfaction is one of our main concern, our team of markets’ experts is here to advise you. From the animal hygiene to the cosmetics and the agriculture, we will be there to help you to be successful in all your projects.



Given the very large number of clays on the market, it can be difficult to make a choice, the right one to select a clay. The lack of regulation regarding the generic term of ‘clay’ can lead to mistakes by choosing a really low purity clay, because all clays are not equals.


how to select a quality clay